The environment


The cottages are located in a beautiful haven.

Filed NATURA 2000 is a natural site identified by the rarity or fragility of wildlife, animal or plant, and their habitats. NATURA 2000 combines nature conservation and socio-economic concerns.

To access the lodgings of Fermes du Schneeberg :


On this great land, we have a natural source, a natural swimming pool and a pond.




This site also has a very important flora: wild pansy, nettle, dandelion, digital …

Lovers of mushrooms, berries or flowers will delight in the few surrounding acres.



Below ground, a particular ecosystem and fragile bog.

A bog is a wetland characterized by the progressive accumulation of peat, a soil characterized by its high content of organic matter, little or no decomposed plant. It is an ecosystem whose characteristics make it, despite methane emissions, a carbon sink, because there is more synthesis of organic matter degradation.